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    Sango - Eleyele Rd, Ibadan.
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Speedo Educational Consult had placed hundreds of students since its inception not only from Nigeria but also from different African countries. We have a team of fully trained professionals and friendly staff ready to provide any information regarding study opportunities abroad and immigration. Among the companies providing educational services, Speedo Educational Consult have proved to be one of the most successful in terms of earning wide recognition and acceptance by the educational institutes from Nigeria and Africa at large.

We would always perform our obligations with honesty, devotion and confidence and would strive for the greatest to meet our sublime aims and splendid goals. We are committed to dynamic growth and service per excellence. We have built upon our high degree of trust and professionalism. We feel pride in making efforts to position the organization in the forefront of local and the international arena.

1. Educational placement for students.
2. Rendering counseling services to students.
3. Developing an effective school curriculum.
4. Securing admission into university both locally and internationally.
5. Enhancing cooperative learning among our students both locally and internationally.
6. Guidance on educational issues.
7. Helping students to discover their potentialities etc.

Global Reach
Above all, we are committed to the concept of “fit” so that your child can reach his or her full potential.

Our competent professionals will conduct a comprehensive interview to the best of their understanding if / how we can help and explain further how we work, what makes for a successful process and how our fees are structured.

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