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  • Oyo State Government

    Oyo State Government sponsored the training of selected youth across the state. The Youth are specially selected across the state in order to move the state forward and to make Agriculture the bedrock and one of the major sources of Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) for the state.

  • British High Commission

    Speedo Educational Consult has had several working relationships with the British High Commission by granting our applicants VISA into the United Kingdom to study in short and long term courses.

  • Embassy of Ireland

    Embassy of Ireland is one of our main partners. Speedo Educational Consult helped broker an agreement between the Oyo State Government and the Embassy of Ireland on the training of students and youths of Oyo State.

  • Elevage Jolivet Ltd

    Elevage Jolivet is an Agricultural Training Firm situated in the United Kingdom. Speedo Educational Consult has been partnering with this company for a while now and they have been training youths from Nigeria with the best farm practice with state of the art machinery in mechanized farming. The engage in in-class and out-of-class training (on farm) and our youths are always happy with the short / long term courses they receive with them.

  • National Youth Council

    The National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) was established in 1964. It is charged with policy formulation and implementation on issues bordering on youth development in Nigeria. It is the umbrella body and the mouthpiece of the Nigerian Youth. It was established and given legal recognition in 1990. The NYCN has three branches, the National, Zonal and the State chapters. Speedo Educational Consult is presently partnering with the national body of NYCN to better the lot of the Nigerian Youth.

  • Brooke House College Football Academy

    The Brooke House College Football Academy was introduced in 2008. The Academy now has over 100 players, aged 12 to 19 from all ethnic backgrounds. To date, 15 players have progressed to a professional football career after leaving Brooke House College; a remarkable number for an academic institution such as ourselves. The Academy has Under 14, Under 16, Under 18 and Under 19 teams. The Academy plays fixtures in Cup Competitions, including ISFA, ESFA & County Cups. Speedo Educational Consult is presently partnering with Brooke House College Football Academy to bring footballers from Nigeria to join the academy.

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